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Hello! We’re at again, in the spirit of Father’s Day. Here is Like the Seasons in the style of Tenzin and The Script. Congrats to you all you dads out there, those with us, and those who have passed on. This song honors their memory.


I’m still alive but I’m barely breathing
It’s been so many years but I’m still grieving
I wanna be a good man just like you were dad
Hoping I can I find the strength that you had

The days coming up could be some of my worst.
It’s gonna be hard to put republic city first.
Even though the world always needed savin
You always made time for baby bending

What am I supposed to do when I feel a breeze and it’s not you
How am I supposed to lead without your wisdom guiding me
I want to be like you
Tell me what should I do

I remember the night we found her
I suddenly felt like you were closer.
I Looked for a trace that I wasn’t sure Id find
But theres something that reminds me of you in those eyes

What am I supposed do to do to teach someone who once was you
What am I supposed to say when my own kids ask for you someday
What am I supposed to do when the best part of me was always you
How am I supposed speak when Korra asks about your legacy
He was our hero, and you will be also

Everything happens for a reason
wish you were here but like the seasons
The winds have changed and the leaves have fallen
I just need to know you can here me callin

Every time you feel the breeze embrace you know that it was me
When the children ask for me say I’m glad they keep you company
I’m so proud your my son
through her I live on

Happy Father’s Day, everyone! Hope you enjoy our new song. Love you, Pops.

"What am I supposed do to do to teach someone who once was you"

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